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    Rachel Teague

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    Looking for some assistance with a research project. Many may recognize the boat above that has been anchored in Paradise Bay for decades – The Chippewa. Keith and myself are in the process of restoring this early 1940’s 26 ft Cabin Launch or also knows as a lighthouse tender that was originally built for Coast Guard use. From what we have been told it served on Beaver Island as a Coast Guard boat and then was used by the DNR in the later 1950’s and into the 60’s with Central Michigan University purchasing it in the late 60’s and becoming the first boat at the Biological Station and that is how it got its name the Chippewa. After leaving CMU it was in private ownership. First with Hank Jennings and then Bill Hirschey for nearly 30 years. Why I am reaching out to the community is to see if anyone has pictures of the Coast Guard Boat House on Beaver Island from the 1940’s and 1950’s which might show the Chippewa in its Coast Guard colors as well as might show the CG number for the boat. Because unfortunately over the years the build plate is no longer with the boat and we have not been able to find its original CG registration number to formally document the boat. I have contacted the Beaver Island Historical Society and gone through what pictures they have and also have contacted the historical division of the Coast Guard and they could not find anything in their records. So if anyone may have a picture from their personal archives that they would be willing to share with me, it would be much appreciated. My email is rachel@freshairaviation.net
    Thank you!

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